Bove Law Office | Luxembourg - Marseille |

“Excellence, Client-oriented, Reactivity and Transparency”

Bove Law Office is a law office, with offices located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the heart of Europe and in Marseille, the heart of Mediterranean.

The Law Office is a genuine bridge between the two countries, with a full legal service, for both private individuals and companies, including advisory, negotiation and defense of interests before the courts in Luxembourg and in France, specialized in the following areas:

  1. *civil law

  2. *family law

  3. *international private law

  4. *commercial and company law

  5. *banking and financial law, investment funds

  6. *intellectual property law

  7. *financial technology (fintech)

  8. *labor law and social security law

  9. *administrative law

“French, English, Japanese, Italian and German”

“Justitia Omnibus”

Justitia Omnibus, which means “Justice for All”, is the motto of the Law Office.

Young, dynamic and professional, the Law Office is always reactive and tuned to its clients.

“Appointment for legal advises”

The fee quotes to evaluate the fees of a potential file are free of charge. The Law Office offers legal advises upon appointment or a full service for litigation files.

(Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg)
(Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France)